Carl and Marcy Mulville

The Marcy Mulville Legacy Society recognizes and honors those who follow in the footsteps of Marcy Mulville, a visionary who helped found the Pacific Symphony in 1978 and was instrumental in sustaining it during its critical, early years. Today, donors who generously make provisions to support the Pacific Symphony in their wills, trusts, financial plans or other planned gifts, as Marcy Mulville did, are eligible to join this special group, so we encourage all eligible donors to join by notifying us of your planned gift. You are owed our deepest gratitude, and sharing whatever information you are comfortable with will help ensure that your gift's intent is both understood and honored.

Join Us!

To notify us of an existing planned gift or if you are considering such a gift and would like to discuss arranging it, please contact [email protected] or call 714-876-2383.

Benefits of the Marcy Mulville Legacy Society

As a token of our sincere thanks, Pacific Symphony is pleased to offer the following benefits for all society members:

  • Annual dinner to celebrate your commitment and the impact your gift will make possible
  • Two complimentary tickets to a select concert each season
  • Recognition in our concert programs and website (optional)


The Marcy Mulville Legacy Society is hosting its annual dinner for its members on Sunday, Feb 4, 2024, at 4:30 p.m., with John Forsyte and Carl St. Clair. Members will receive two complimentary tickets to the Rach 4 concert at 3:00pm that ends shortly before the dinner will begin. For more details and to RSVP, please write to [email protected] or call 714-876-2383.


The Marcy Mulville Legacy Society honors those who have made the extraordinarily generous commitment to assure that Pacific Symphony will continue to grow and serve the Orange County community for countless generations to come with a planned gift.

  • Dr. and Mrs. Julio Aljure
  • Leona Aronoff-Sadacca
  • Eric Baur*
  • Fredrick M. Borges, Esq.
  • Rosalind Britton
  • Maclay* and Claire* Burt
  • In memory of Frank Carr
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Champion
  • Jo Ellen Chatham
  • Gregory Pierre Cox
  • Jann* and Walter Dietiker
  • Ben* and Patricia* Dolson
  • Gerald* and Eva Dongieux
  • David M. Doyle
  • Catherine and James* Emmi
  • Lois V. Fahey*
  • Hani Feller
  • Bridget Ford
  • Petrina Noor Friede
  • Philip and Katie* Friedel
  • Denise and Al Frink
  • Gloria Gae Gellman
  • William J. Gillespie*
  • Gary Good and Jackie Charnley
  • Ildi and Stephen* Good
  • Mike and Ellie Gordon
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rondell B. Hanson
  • Dr. David E. Hartl*
  • Mildred Hicks
  • Roger W.* and Janice M. Johnson
  • Richard Alan Keefe
  • Kim and Nancy Kelley
  • Gayle* and Roger Kirwan
  • James Lathers*
  • Joann Leatherby
  • Mr. Gordon L. Lockett*
  • John and Loreen Loftus
  • Phil and Mary Lyons
  • Joan L. Manuel
  • Pat and Rick McAuley
  • Suki and Randall* McCardle
  • William and Lynn McMaster
  • Mrs. Carole S. Miller
  • Carlos and Haydee Mollura
  • Marcy Arroues Mulville*
  • Mary M. Muth*
  • George W. Neiidendam
  • Dot and Rick Nelson
  • Jean E. Oelrich
  • Bill and Linda Owen
  • Marjorie L. Phillips*
  • William and Pat Podlich
  • Mr. and Mrs. Osdale-Popa
  • Mark and Russell Ragland
  • Drs. Julia and Irving* Rappaport
  • Drs. Barbara* and Roger Rossier
  • Chiyo and Stanton Rowe
  • Elinor Schmidt*
  • Ernest and Donna Schroeder
  • O. Carl Schulz*
  • Bill C. Thornton*
  • Scott and Leslie Siegel
  • W.Bailey and Lenda Smith
  • Wilbert D. Smith*
  • Al Spector and Tatjana Soli
  • Louis G. Spisto
  • Elizabeth and John* Stahr
  • Ronald and Cathleen Stearns
  • Joseph* and Linda Svehla
  • Lillian Tallman-Neal
  • CarolAnn Tassios
  • Jane Pickford Taylor*
  • Andrew and Karen Thorburn
  • Carole and Michael Wade
  • Jill Watkins
  • Ruth Westphal*
  • Vina Williams*
  • Kim and Allen Yourman
  • Robert and Janet Zaugg
  • Charlie and Ling Zhang
  • Madeline and Leonard Zuckerman

* Deceased